Statement on the Signing of Intro 1447C by Mayor Bill de Blasio

The Construction Safety Advisory Committee of New York (CSACNY) applauds the Mayor for enacting Intro 1447C, a landmark bill that will make every New York City construction worker safer. CSACNY is proud to have worked closely with New York City Council Chair Jumaane Williams, NYC Council staff and the Mayor’s office to help craft a bill that effectively enhances worker training and makes our job sites safer for both workers and passing pedestrians.

We thank the Mayor and the Council for adopting our recommendations, including requiring safety training for workers on buildings under 10 stories; requiring established, recognized safety coursework such as OSHA-10; ensuring the Department of Buildings has oversight of training providers to prevent the growth of fraudulent training; imposing a staggered implementation timeline to allow time for workers to be trained; removing the provision to issue a Stop Work Order if even one worker could not provide their training card; and including a grandfather clause for already trained workers.

The signing of Intro 1447C into law is the first step toward changing the culture of construction safety throughout the City of New York. CSACNY has decades of experience in Site Safety Management and half of our Board Members have served in various high-level position at the NYC Department of Buildings.  We look forward to continuing to work with the Mayor and the Council to make one of the most dangerous professions safer, as we seek to sit on the Site Safety Training Task Force.  Our work has only just begun.

As the premier construction safety association of New York City, CSACNY is proud of our representatives for making worker safety a priority. We look forward to continuing our partnership with the city on behalf of all construction workers and employers.