CSACNY was established by high level practicing Construction Safety Professionals to advance the professional practice of Construction Safety, create an open forum to provide dialogue and input on construction safety issues, and to improve construction safety for all stakeholders in the NYC metropolitan area. Specific activities include advocating best practices, supporting legislative and rule changes, and providing technical support and guidance to our members and the industry in meeting our stated goals and objectives. We have various membership levels, but would expect all members to be active in their efforts to advance our mission.

As a CSACNY member, you will be part of a sophisticated coalition of construction site safety professionals who shape the conversation about construction safety and promote common sense regulations and legislation that enhance safety on and around our job sites. CSACNY offers various membership levels described below to best serve your needs. Please identify your membership opportunity, and then submit your completed application. Should you have any questions, please email them to info@CSACNY.net.  If you provide a phone number, a member of our Team will contact you directly. 

Membership Levels:

Corporate Sponsor
Corporate Sponsors sit on the CSACNY Board of Directors and play an integral role in the building, maintenance, and advocacy of the organization. As a member of the Board of Directors, the Corporate Sponsor is required to participate in all Executive Board meetings or send a designated and approved surrogate; help shape the CSACNY policy agenda; attend advocacy meetings with legislators and agency staff; hold executive voting power; and chair one committee. The Corporate Sponsor makes a $25,000 initial commitment and maintains monthly recurring dues payments of $3,500. 

Executive Member
An Executive Member is able to vote on proposals put forth by the Board of Directors and participate on one or more committees. Executive Members may also, attend advocacy meetings with legislators and agency staff. An Executive Member is any business entity or individual that makes a $1,500 initial commitment and quarterly recurring dues payments of $1,500.

Professional Advisory Member
A Professional Advisory member is any business entity that seeks to participate in the CSAC agenda, events, surveys, and more from an advisory role. Advisory Members do not hold voting power or serve as committee members. However, they may attend committee meetings and participate in the proceedings.  Professional Advisory Members contribute an annual membership fee of $500 per year.

Associate Member
An Associate Member is any individual that seeks to participate in the CSAC agenda, events, surveys and more.  Associate members will receive regular updates on the latest developments in our industry related to legislative and regulatory matters.  Associate Members pay an annual commitment of $250 per year.

Membership Application



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Title and function of person to whom you report

Length of time in this position and in the profession

Define your management scope and responsibilities

Courses, degrees, certifications and licenses

Safety background and specialties: (List special fields of safety expertise)

Safety related affiliations, organizations and committees

How did you hear about CSACNY?

Authorship: (Publications, titles, dates)

Other major contributions to the profession:

What are you most interested in gaining from your membership?

Thank you for completing your CSACNY membership application. Please click below to submit your application. We appreciate your commitment to excellence as a member of the construction industry.