January 11, 2017, New York, NY – On Monday, Mayor Bill de Blasio recognized the need for “stricter regulation” in order to protect New York City construction workers from injuries and fatalities, which peaked at 30 deaths from 2015 – 2016, according to federal records. The Construction Safety Advisory Committee of New York (CSACNY) applauds the Mayor’s commitment to protecting all New York City construction workers and calls for a mandated initial construction site safety training certification, supported by continuing education requirements for each and every New York City construction worker.

Current construction safety regulations require that only workers on major buildings receive Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety training. Even though multiple studies and analyses have concluded that the majority of fatalities and a large portion of injuries occur on job sites that are not major buildings (projects under 10 stories), these projects still do not have general safety training requirements for workers. Part of the CSACNY agenda calls for requiring all construction workers to begin their careers with a minimum 10-hour OSHA course.

“Our workers are dying due to lack of safety training and awareness,” said CSACNY Secretary Peter Amato. “CSACNY is calling for an initial minimum training certification for every New York City construction worker before he or she steps onto a job site, followed by continuing education courses that will enable each worker to ensure his or her safety and knowledge of construction industry standards.”

“By mandating minimal safety training, we provide all construction workers with the knowledge needed to protect themselves,” said CSACNY Vice President John McCarthy. “Additionally, continuing education courses will help these workers become skilled professionals and set them on a strong career path with greater promise and earning potential.”

CSACNY leaders maintain that the cost of certified safety training is nominal when compared to the lawsuits, injuries and loss of life experienced on job sites.

“CSACNY is committed to putting construction site safety first,” said CSACNY President Jim Bifulco. “My company and some of the CSACNY member companies provide training staff and resources to community groups that conduct outreach programs in order to provide safety training free of cost. There are several paths to ensure that New Yorkers on and around job sites are protected and it is up to us to take action.”

The Construction Safety Advisory Committee of New York agenda encourages the following requirements be adopted and implemented:

  • Develop a uniform, easily verified training database system for all required construction safety training to be independently administered to prevent the use of fraudulent identification.
  • Require a site safety plan with required elements of NYC Administrative Code 28-110.1 for all New Buildings or Full Demolitions of buildings from 6 stories (or 75 feet in height) to 9 stories (or 100 feet in height) or a “building foot print” larger than 75,000 square feet. The site safety plan shall be filed with DOB through the Borough office or HUB. Site Safety plan filers shall have the option of DOB plan review or professional certification.
  • Enforce the rule requiring Safety Trainers to be IACET (International Association of Continuing Education Training) certified.
  • Require approved safety trainers to validate the comprehension of presented material, including through the use of multi-lingual instruction.
  • Mandate the 10-hour OSHA training for all construction workers on projects under 10 stories.
  • Streamline and improve the process to approve Qualified Safety Professionals to become Certified Site Safety Managers and Site Safety Coordinators.
  • Focus increased enforcement of the projects experiencing the greatest number of accidents, incidents and fatalities, under 10 stories.
  • Require netting to be installed in interior shaft ways (elevator shafts) every other floor or 30’ apart during construction or demolition.


The Construction Safety Advisory Council of New York (CSACNY) consists of licensed, experienced site safety professionals with decades of experience who joined forces to promote legislation and regulations that improve construction safety on and around job sites. CSACNY works to educate leaders about and advocate for is seven-point agenda. The agenda outlines measures that, if adopted by New York City, would improve the safety of our workers and pedestrians, as well as protect the fiscal status of the city’s development by preventing workplace injuries, delays, lawsuits and more. Visit CSACNY.net to learn more.