The Construction Safety Advisory Committee of New York (CSACNY) stood with New York City Public Advocate Letitia James, NYC Council Chair of the Housing and Buildings Committee Jumaane Williams, immigrant workers groups, and other construction stakeholders on the steps of City Hall this afternoon to condemn the rampant fraudulent construction safety training cards that are plaguing the city and placing New York construction workers at risk of injury and death.

With New York City’s recent construction boom boasting an estimated 26 percent increase in construction spending in just 2016, there has also come an increase in the business of selling fraudulent construction safety training cards that has cost the lives of over 30 construction workers in the last 2 years alone.

“On some job sites, up to 50 percent of workers can have fraudulent training cards,” said CSACNY President Jim Bifulco, who has over 30 years of experience in construction safety and manages over 300 Site Safety personnel assigned to oversee the safety of New York City construction workers. He is also a principal of Total Safety Consulting, a company that provides construction safety training to thousands of workers every year.

“Construction workers risk their lives to build our city, and our city must do everything in its power to ensure their safety,” said Public Advocate Letitia James. “Our investigation found that fraud, lack of oversight, and shortage of inspectors are contributing to record numbers of fatalities and injuries. We simply must implement policies that prioritize the safety of our workers.”

The Public Advocate released an investigative report on the issue of pervasive fraudulent safety training cards throughout the city’s construction industry. In the report, she calls on the city to “designate an agency that will require registration of all OSHA-authorized trainers” and “help workers to identify responsible trainers by providing a list of registered trainers on its website”.

Additionally, CSACNY called for an Electronic Training Registry that would enable employers, onsite safety supervisors, and NYC Department of Buildings inspectors to efficiently confirm the training of every worker.

“An online registry supported by technology, such as a QR code on a worker’s training card, would enable employers, supervisors and inspectors to quickly scan the card and confirm whether or not a worker has valid, up-to-date safety training,” Bifulco said. “This kind of registry would enable workers to easily prove their training status at every job site, and save employers time and money by ensuring they can confirm a worker’s training is valid. Most importantly, the registry would prevent untrained workers from entering job sites and ultimately save lives.”

TSC Card with QR Code Example:

The Construction Safety Advisory Committee of New York looks forward to working with the Public Advocate, New York City Council, NYC Department of Buildings and construction industry stakeholders to improve construction safety training and keep New Yorkers safe.

CSACNY President Jim Bifulco speaks at Public Advocate’s press conference about the dangers of fraudulent training cards and how to address the issue.


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