“Tragic accidents like the one that lead to the death of Jose Cruz on Wednesday are completely avoidable and have to end today,” said CSACNY President Jim Bifulco. “The NYC Building Code only requires site safety professionals on buildings taller than 9 stories. Once again, the Construction Safety Advisory Committee calls on the City Council, Mayor and Department of Buildings to require the presence of a full time site safety professional dedicated exclusively to safety on all construction projects below 10 stories and to implement enhanced training that will protect construction workers and prevent unnecessary accidents. Training, oversight and enforcement are the keys to protecting workers and passing pedestrians on and around all construction sites.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends, family and co-workers of Mr. Cruz.”


The Construction Safety Advisory Council of New York (CSACNY) consists of licensed, experienced site safety professionals with decades of experience who joined forces to promote legislation and regulations that improve construction safety on and around job sites. CSACNY works to educate leaders about and advocate for its construction safety agenda. The agenda outlines measures that, if adopted by New York City, would improve the safety of our workers and pedestrians, as well as protect the fiscal status of the city’s development by preventing workplace injuries, delays, lawsuits and more. Visit www.CSACNY.net to learn more.