The Construction Safety Advisory Committee of New York (CSACNY) consists of licensed, experienced site safety professionals with decades of experience who joined forces to promote legislation and regulations that improve construction safety on and around job sites. Our membership is made up of former officials from the New York City Department of Buildings, FDNY, SCA, NYC Transit, and EMS just to name a few. The founding members and Board of Directors include past Presidents of the American Society of Safety Engineer’s (ASSE) NYC Chapter, Past President of the Safety Executives of New York and other industry experts.

CSACNY works to educate leaders about and advocate for its seven-point Agenda. Our Agenda outlines measures that, if adopted by New York City, would improve the safety of our workers and pedestrians, as well as protect the fiscal status of the city’s development by preventing workplace injuries, delays, lawsuits, and more.

As a membership organization, we encourage your thoughts and feedback on our Agenda. Please contact us at to contribute.