CSACNY Reaction to the Passage of Intro 1447C

The Construction Safety Advisory Committee of New York (CSACNY) is proud to have worked with the New York City Council on Intro 1447, which imposes minimum safety training standards for all workers.  We congratulate New York City Council Housing and Buildings Chair Jumaane Williams, his colleagues and staff for their efforts to pass this landmark legislation, which will provide workers with the tools they need to protect themselves and the public.

Throughout the bill’s drafting process CSACNY successfully advocated to extend training requirements for workers on job sites under 10-stories; require established, recognized safety coursework such as OSHA-10; ensure DOB has oversight and can prevent the growth of fraudulent training programs; impose a staggered implementation timeline; remove the Stop Work Order provision; and include a grandfather clause for already trained construction workers.

This is just the beginning though. CSACNY looks forward to working with the Council, Mayor’s office and the Department of Buildings to make our industry safer by implementing additional points on our Safety Agenda, such as creating an Online Registry to verify that workers have completed the necessary training courses; requiring netting to be installed in interior shaft ways (elevator shafts) to prevent fatal falls; and further combat the plethora of fraudulent training cards.

Fraudulent safety training ID cards are putting workers in harm’s way and leading to accidents and fatalities. These cards are often difficult to decipher from legitimate training cards, but there is a simple solution. In order to crackdown on the existence of fraudulent cards, we must create a Central Online Registry in which all construction entities will be able to easily verify the legitimacy of safety training by simply scanning the unique QR code on each training card.  This QR code would link to an online database and provide a profile displaying the worker’s photo, name, safety training history and status.

CSACNY applauds the Council for making construction safety training a priority and we look forward to being a part of the Safety Training Task Force to further ensure proper implementation of these new rules.